What Can You Do With A Degree In Music Business Why You Struggle To Attract New Guitar Students

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Why You Struggle To Attract New Guitar Students

Tired of trying to fill your guitar teaching schedule with new students? This is a common problem among teachers in the guitar teaching community. The reality is that in order to make good money teaching lessons, you have to know how to consistently attract more guitar students. But this is not done by advertising as much as possible. You need to make it clear to all potential guitar students that you are the number one choice for guitar teacher in your area.

Here are six things to do/show potential guitar students to get lots of new students very quickly.

1. Let potential guitar students know that your guitar lessons are very unique and special compared to other lessons offered in the area.

When your lessons are judged solely on price, you will struggle to attract many guitar students. When this happens, your students will take all guitar lessons for granted, and the only thing you can do with one teacher over another is save a few bucks. In this case, they will always choose whoever is the cheapest. To overcome this resistance, you must help them understand the key benefits they will get from working with you (that they won’t get anywhere else). Additionally, you should let them know that you can save time and money while offering them these things. The question is, how do you prove it? Here are a few ways:

Show potential guitarists a list of students we’ve trained to become top guitarists and musicians.

Explain how you are “trained” by an experienced guitar teacher to get the best results for your students. Keep in mind that this is completely different than a degree in music, as this type of degree will not help you advance as a guitar teacher.

Don’t just teach one lesson at a time – using a variety of unique formats can give your students tons of added benefits and help them advance their game faster.

Become a local expert in the styles your target students want to learn.

After doing these, the following will happen.

* Prospective students will see that you are truly the best choice for them.

*Other guitar teachers in the area will start losing students because their students will soon discover that YOU are the one who helps guitarists reach their goals faster than any other teacher in the area.

2. Tailor your guitar lessons to the unique needs, goals, and learning styles of your guitarists.

Here’s a question you should never ask: “What is the best way to teach guitar students?”. Instead, you should ask the following question: “What is the best way to get consistent ASK results from your students?”. The answer to this question is (as you might suspect) quite complex. However, it starts using the following line of thinking.

The best and most successful guitar teachers don’t just teach “guitar,” they teach “people.” What exactly am I talking about? Don’t look for a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching. Instead, look for strategies to help each student reach their musical goals as quickly and efficiently as possible (while keeping them highly motivated during the learning process).

3. Help your guitarists learn what they need (not just what they think they “want”).

You don’t want to be a guitar teacher who only teaches your students what they “believe they should learn”. It is very easy for students to get distracted and away from the ultimate goal of music when they are trying to learn something that seems “interesting” but has no benefit to them. With this in mind, they will try to convince you that you should study this type of thing, which can distract you (if you let it). The truth is, the vast majority of students don’t know what they should be learning or why they should be learning it. That is why they are the students and you are the teacher. You’ll attract more guitar students by making your existing kids really great musicians. This only happens when they reach their musical goals as quickly and efficiently as possible, so don’t let them get sidetracked just when they “think” they have to learn something.

4. Work with a proven professional to improve your guitar teaching skills

The #1 mistake most guitar teachers make in their local reputation (losing the ability to make good money): teaching guitar lessons through trial and error. There’s almost nothing worse than telling your students that you learned guitar by trial and error. Many of them will see this as a sign of your incompetence and will train with someone more qualified to help them achieve results. Think about it. If someone was working on a trial and error basis, would they pay to replace your tooth decay? Would you sit in the dentist’s chair? Didn’t think so! The same goes for guitar enthusiasts. They can tell a hack teacher from someone who’s not an idiot and has really mastered the art of teaching guitar. Don’t ignore this point – find a professional guitar teacher who can teach your students exactly what they need to do to get the best results.

You may know that I offer courses for guitar teachers. With that in mind, you might be under the impression that the only reason I’m writing this post is to promote this app… but it’s not. Honestly, I don’t care who trains you to be a great guitar teacher. I am telling you that you need to do this to be successful in your guitar teaching business.

5. Enrich your students’ musical lives by broadening the scope of their guitar playing.

In most cases, people who want to learn guitar from you:

*Don’t know what you can really do with a guitar. They have a very limited understanding of how to set really BIG goals.

*Lack of self-belief and reach for very small goals based on what you think is possible rather than what you really want to achieve.

For example, many of your guitarists may think they want to learn how to lick the guitar quickly and play a certain song or style. In fact, if you show them how much they can achieve, they will want to do more. Intermediate guitar teachers will help their guitar students learn songs, play nice licks, and other small goals during their lessons. Eventually the student will be able to do these things and will drop out as there seems to be no reason to continue (the teacher never made them aware of the possibilities of music beyond their primary purpose).

As a guitar teacher, it’s your job to open your students’ minds to a whole new level of musical possibility. This will encourage them to work with you for a long time and tell everyone they know about your course. Help your students build their musical goals from simple goals to bigger, more long-term goals and help them develop into better musicians.

6. Cares deeply about helping your students (and shows it to them!)

Once you demonstrate that you truly care about helping your guitar students (more than other guitar teachers), you will be able to attract new students and keep them for a very long time. There are countless ways you can do this, but to keep this post short, I’ll just mention one: Instead of spending all your teaching money on something else, use some of it to directly increase the value your students get. From making you their teacher. Organize group jams, parties, dinners, or other events where only students can attend. Don’t charge them for it! Give them 100% free, let them know that they are part of something really special and that taking lessons with you is more than just learning to play guitar. Most guitar teachers never do that (makes you stand out in a crowd!).

What to do next

After reading this article, you have learned many ways to attract more new guitar students. To get the most out of this information, start applying these ideas to your guitar teaching business now. By doing this, you will quickly gain many new students, earn more money, and gain a positive reputation as the best guitar teacher in your area.

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