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How to Meet Women Online – Sending Women Messages That Create Attraction

The biggest hurdle most men face when trying to meet and date women online is: How do you get them to respond to you and start talking to you?

First, let’s take a look at how nasty the messages in a woman’s profile inbox usually are. Attractive women receive about 20-50 messages a day, almost all of which are the same (falling into the three categories I describe below) that annoy them. This is a big fat and should not be done:

  • You can call a woman beautiful or angelic or whatever, but it only tells her: How many women have you used this on? This tells her that you didn’t take the time to read her profile! Or he will feel that your interest is only shallow (you like him for his appearance) and not real (you like him for who he is – his personality). Being shallow KILLS attraction.
  • You can tell a woman that you may not be here, but that you would like to talk to her someday, and I think that I am already writing myself and in her language is far from your connection. It is insecure and desperate. Being desperate or insecure can ruin your chances.
  • You can tell a woman you’re hot and she should add you at blabla@yadayada.com, but guess how many of the other 50 messages say that? Think about the needy and desperate person you meet, why would they add a stranger to their Instant Messenger, or even worse: call them? Being needy can ruin your chances of getting her number.

It’s not going to work because you’re telling her the wrong thing, and you’re talking to her about how she looks, not who she is. The best way to get him to respond to your messages is to talk to him about who he is with the Drum Roll. But how? I always use his hobbies, interests, likes, passions and activities 24 hours a day to tease and charm them. I simultaneously let him know that I’m selective, that I’m a fun guy, and that I’m not afraid to show him who he is. In short: let’s start blaming! Of course, you start to wonder why.

Why is teasing so effective?

There are several psychological reasons why this works so incredibly well, and I want to share them with you so you know WHY you do what you do, and WHY it works.

  • I’m making fun of accusations (see example below), what is the most logical response to accusations? In defense of your case, research has shown that actually when we are accused of something, we are DRAWED to explain ourselves, so it is human nature to react!
  • Most men are attracted by a woman’s gaze and will shy away from approaching her or not approach her at all. In addition, they will try to do everything for him and be very kind to please him, in short: they aim to please. Thirdly, many men are nervous when they are around women: they are uncomfortable, restless, tense.
  • But guess what happens when you tease him? You will show that you are not afraid of his appearance and that you are not afraid of his interest. You’re not trying to be someone else to please her more or to agree with everything she says except for the men she kisses. You’re also showing her that you’re comfortable around women, teasing yourself around women, and relaxed (almost TOO relaxed). These are all attractive qualities of a man.
  • Now, when you accuse him, first of all you tease him with a game, which is very fun and exciting, and he will want to play MORE (and because of this, he will start to tease and accuse you). Besides, women have always been the pickiest of the sexes. Why? Because men don’t take risks when they have sex (except for STDs, of course), but women? Women are at risk of PREGNANCY: in addition to being unstable and limited for a long time, they also have a baby later and need to be cared for. What if a woman gave in to every guy who tried to seduce her? She will A) not have a life, B) constantly pregnant will make it more and more difficult for her to live and increase the number of children C) not all men are created equal, because this is what women want to be born. the guy with the genes that give his offspring the highest chance of survival. So women NEED to be selective, choose the best mate or the human race will die out very quickly. But when YOU are guilt-tripped into selection, magical things begin to happen: suddenly you are the object of desire, and women who want a mate seek you out, harass you, and make it difficult for you. to have a life. We want what others have because if everything else wants it, it must be good, right? By teasing him, challenging him, and blaming him, you’re showing that you’re incredibly good, and because women want men with good genes? They will want you!

For example

  • I looked at your profile and noticed that you like spaghetti, but not from Italy. Tell me: do you WANT a smooth-talking, slick-haircut godfather who dresses like this? What do you want for? Tell me! 😛
  • I looked at your profile and noticed how much you like horses, and I’m curious, because I don’t really hang out with people who ride horses, so is it TRUE that riders get a louder *SS than everyone in the saddle? ? 😛
  • I looked at your profile and noticed how you are a natural FREE freak with BLUE eyes and BLACK hair. 😛 This makes me wonder, tell me, aren’t you naturally BLONDE? (A)

I can hear you thinking: yes, but it would take AGES to do that, wouldn’t it? WRONG! You just need to know what to look for in his profile, and here’s what you should look for:

  1. As soon as you land on her profile and see that she’s pretty, pay attention to her interests, likes, dislikes, etc. You can recognize his area of ​​interest by looking for areas where he answers questions like hobbies: hobbies 1, 2, 3, music: artist 1, CD 2, etc.
  2. Once you find a few things that work for you, find the easiest thing to tease her about: say she likes shopping, cooking, tebo, and you only know tebo. It’s possible for you and THEN tease him: so I looked around your profile again and saw you punching and kicking all day and getting in shape. Be honest here: How many guys have you secretly beaten and should I sleep with one eye closed when I get to know you? 😛 It accuses him of being an abusive girlfriend, an aggressive lover, and more. Why choose the easiest? Let me explain…

How predictable is the response to the accusation? Defense: no I’m not hahaha or not so true! you communicate so badly. An easy way to follow up on the most common response is: All I hear is a GUILTY CONSCIENCE saying you are a LIAR! 😛 just admit it: you’re a threat to every boyfriend you have 😛 it just adds to the attraction. Do you see? This is already the second message.

The final step: get his contact information

Ultimately, women should feel comfortable and safe enough around you to take the next step with you. You have to be a confident guy and you can make her feel that way by CONNECTING with her. Why is it so important to connect with him? Because if you only blame, sooner or later he will think that he has no chance. Because you are more dominant than him (you are the object of desire, not him. You are the omnipotent prosecutor and judge, and he is the lawyer, the weak man in court).

Do you understand what that means?

This means that playing TOO hard for him will make him think you’re out of his league, no, he will!

So contact him. How?

I’ll change that and continue the topic in a way that builds relationships. As a tebo girl, I’ll go on about tebo (how does it make her feel, what’s important to her when it comes to getting in shape? What level of exercise does she do for Tae Bo, etc.).

Do you see? Finding what’s easiest for you to talk about (because you can joke around and think of lots of things to relate to on the topic) leads to an entire conversation online and about 4-5 text messages back and forth. long message? Then it’s easy to say: I have to go now, so can you give me your number so we can continue this conversation on the phone tomorrow? Here it is: you got yourself a number.

Something like this will just do. If you look closely, you’ll see that I’m still talking about MOVEMENT (how does that make you feel?). Why? It’s BORING because attraction is based on FEELINGS and INFORMATION, not logic and rational thinking. So I always avoid talking logically, always involve my emotions, make a joke here and there, tease her about her response in the next message, etc. The last VERY IMPORTANT thing to do is: Always make sure YOU are having fun too, because if you’re not going to enjoy meeting women online and learning about dating, why should you?

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