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Who’s Gonna Love You When Your Looks Are Gone?

The inner workings of the mind of a legend as great as Paul Simon remain a mystery as he embarks on the tour for his latest album, Surprise. This unusual album must first be sorted and demystified. From 1986 onward to the sensational impact of Graceland, we were not far from the feeling of floating on a world music tour, and her next three albums (Concert In The Park Live; November 1991, Songs from The Capeman; November 1997 and You’re The One, October 2000) quietly passed us by. So why did this album “surprise” us in 2006? What on earth made us sit so tight?

Is it true that this short, funny guy who looks like an English teacher turns sixty-five this October? It could be good. Simon has once again surprised us with his commitment to contemporary music. He’s been able to easily stumble onto the stage every few years, belting out 50 Ways to Let Love Go and maybe Mother and Child onstage, which is a unique feat in its own right. It may be a gentler path to walk at a certain age in an artist’s life than to take the cold, unfriendly path of dipping an old toe in the sea of ​​youth culture.

As such, we should embrace this man who allowed us to participate in both his political and cultural awakenings, while also welcoming us with his spiritual skills to create such music to dream and expand our sometimes narrow minds. .

The title probably says it all. What does it mean to us when we hear someone say, ‘Amaze yourself?’ We are shocked, surprised, and completely amazed. Well, in that case, I’ve summed up this album in just a few words. “Graceland” is not. A “bolt out of the blue” is certainly the case.

The perfection and simplicity of a baby’s face stares out at us from this pristine album cover. Just this image automatically raises questions in the mind of listeners; is the child surprised? Is it a surprise when the baby is born? For me, the idea of ​​rebirth came up, and that thought stayed with me throughout the album.

I think that’s the impression we got after listening to this album. A feeling of rebirth. Simon definitely found new footing in his journey through these songs. Or maybe it’s just the feeling of comfort and ease of stepping into new shoes. Once again loyal to Warner Bros. and self-produced, he gives us a small collection of tracks; eleven in total, so we’ll have to decide for ourselves if these shoes look good enough on her.

As the thematic emotions of the current state of our planet through the eyes of an intelligent and mature artist, the images in the cover brochure are simple, strong and emotional. We see a picture of a giant wave from the ocean about to submerge a beach resort. The American city is engulfed in smoke. The ears of a young boy who has just been filmed by a camera. A drowned man threw a bucket of water on him. Couple like monkeys hugging each other. The rocket falls into the sea. Oriental baby face. A fox growing beside a fern-covered hill. A photo of a family falling on the sidewalk. Reflection of Empire State Building in Night Puddle. A very young photograph of the man himself, and finally a beautiful face of a happy little girl playing. These images dare to remind us of events that we seem to have forgotten in our daily lives.

However, these images are to some extent a reflection of the content of the music. It is wrong to equate music and simple songs with world disasters, but the combination of music and images that we see defines what the world looks like through this person’s eyes.

The album begins with a question. ‘How do you live in the North East?’ the song takes on a guitar riff and a swirling drum beat. The lyrics are in true Simone style as he bombards the listener with questions about religion and faith. The song can be seen as quite transgressive as it touches on every recognizable note, but there is a moral somewhere. Feeling a little down on this and the next track. As listeners, we wonder where Simon thought he was going with this album. He seems to have a lot to say. We witness abstract sounds and disjointed noises that can only be heard from artists like Coldplay or David Grey. The subject matter is brooding and sad, but don’t let that put you off. Simon’s music creates a message for us, so we should pay attention to what this man has to say.

Simon, who is known for dipping his talented toe into the music world, tickles our funny bones with “Outrageous,” which lyrically parodies the comedy “You Can Call Me Al” from “Graceland.” ‘ He said, ‘Who will love you when your looks are gone?’ It will put a smile on any face. The theme is fun and straight to the point. It’s light and cheerful, which is Simon’s favorite trait. We embrace him with a pleasant, familiar voice that we already recognize as Paul Simon.

Simon wades into a sea of ​​current sounds, only daring to play with more up-to-date funky styles like drum beats and vocals. No small compliment here, and Prince’s experimental play on high-pitched vocals also works to great effect. So we consider the need to come down to earth in slow motion in A Prayer in Wartime. Soft and beautifully crafted with the angelic voice and acoustic guitar style of Paul Simon. Featuring the warmth and hair-raising vocals of Jesse Dixon, this song is as powerful as Michael Jackson’s planet-based anthem. It slides up and down the spine of our music like waves on an unsteady lake. Simon wraps his arms around the world on this track. We really get her moving through this mood, and through the calypso themes of ‘Beautiful’. Simon continues to captivate us with his extraordinary, cathedral-like vocals. I don’t think his voice will ever leave him like Elvis.

These swirling and converging emotions travel through the rest of this retrospective album. Throughout these songs, Simon was joined by some of the best musicians he could lay his hands on. There are also a few people who appeared on ‘Graceland’. So it’s no surprise that Another Galaxy brings these people to our ears with a supernatural sound like audible fairy dust.

The road has a nice country feel to it, just like the drive to Dire Straits, but it’s the stillness that might surprise you the most. There is a remote element that catches the ear more than others. This distant theme theme is also featured in Once Upon A Time The Was An Ocean. These headlines are so simple that our minds are set on fire by global issues of global warming, war, disease, happiness, and beauty. All the elements form the foundation of today’s man.

“We’re just going to skip chapters one, two, three of the boring parts and get to a place where you can read my face and my biography..”, the first lines of the heavy groove scrape “She’s me.” With guitar strings at the beginning, the song is literally a mini-autobiography of the early stages of young love. Throughout this album, he seems to have asked himself questions. Almost trying to justify himself by saying “it’s here”. We wonder if Simon has now reached the point where he has a mind of his own in his career. We all have a brief sense of self-judgment at some point in our lives, and I feel this was exactly that moment for Paul Simon.

The song that completes the album for listeners is the bass-heavy “Daddy and Daughter”, but it’s country-tinged, with a foot-stomping theme, and it’s a low-key, rocking song. It’s humble and unapologetic in a way that no track can ever achieve. These are the elements we love so much about Simon; a powerful reflection back to reality. It’s as if Simon is realizing his ability to make a song that warms, welcomes and embraces love and life. Touching his own ideas and feelings, even if not just his own, always leads to his best work. This path can only be another brush with your own reality. Used as the ending track to ‘The Wild Thornberries’ (film), it’s like a perfect children’s cartoon ending to an adult album.

On another note, it would be disappointing to hear this album end so quietly. Once again, we are allowed to wander through the mind of this unique and generous artist who continues to follow his political trail across Africa and the rest of the world to this day. Over the years, Simon has become an institution, both musically and politically. He blew us away and gave us sounds, ideas and musicians that we had never heard of at the time. He is a legacy of how to write, produce and appreciate music. Hassle-free, smooth, and completely precious.

Therefore, for those who have been waiting for an old man who has lost his talent, has no originality, and no money…

I’ll tell you all about it on the inside pages of the cover brochure…


How do you live in the Northeast?

Everything about it is a love song,


Of course, not feeling the love,

A prayer in wartime,


I do not believe,

Another galaxy,

Once upon a time there was an ocean,

This is me,

Father and daughter.

Paul Simon – Lyrics / Music / Production

Sonic Landscape, Additional Words, Music – Brian Eno

Bass – Pino Palladino/Abraham Laboriel/Alex Al

Drums – Steve Gadd/Robin Dimaggio

Harmony – Gil Goldstein

Electric Guitar – Bill Frisell

Fretless Bass – Leo Abrahams

Percussion – Jamie Haddad

Warner Bros. 2006

© Michelle Hatcher ‘sam1942’ 2006

Ciao/dooyoo and everywhere else

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